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AntiLog is a log to help you do the opposite (anti) of what you are doing that is causing issues in your life. Hence: AntiLog...
Whether it be losing weight and gaining whole health, raising yourself emotionally from depression, anxiety, anger, or stress,
or attaining any other goal.

The program is fulfilled in one of two methods:

1. For weight loss/whole health, a full book of 156 pages, including 60 log pages, 6 tracking pages, and the full Burden Ball replicated booklet,
explains the program and includes many weight loss/whole health techniques/principles. But the main emphasis of this program is the program log.
By following and completing the daily log, you keep your mind focused on your goal and fulfill the principles helping achieve weight loss and whole health.
Knowing how to lose weight is easy. It's doing it that's hard. That's the value of the log. But it's not just a tracking sheet. The log value
is the techniques on each daily log page. See the log page below. The book first presents 33 pages of weight loss/whole health principles,
then explains the daily log process to develop long-term habits. It is derived from my own whole health quest.
Correct weight is nature's good-health medicine so particular emphasis needs to be applied to it.
But the real goal is what that leads to: whole health through correct weight, sleep, nutrition, hydration, strength, flexibility, and cardio.
This isn't a diet, but an easy method to discover why and how you eat and fix them. This program is a short term journey, but achieves long term results.
We all know that lost weight from quick diets returns, so why punish yourself doing that? Learn how to eat correctly and motivation methods
that lead to good habits. We learned our eating and health habits over many decades, and changing decades-long habits is hard.
Hence the true need for something to help you--in this case the log. Just follow it and your weight and more important, whole-health will improve.
You can't lose weight if you have to TRY to lose weight. It has to just happen. Trying to lose weight gets old and hard. By daily following
the log, eventually you just find yourself desiring the foods and amounts and healthy principles that bring good whole health.
The AntiLog approach preaches eating normal foods, and occasional sweets and splurging, but over time your wants and needs change,
resulting in habits that are conducive to good weight and health. I still like and eat sweets and hamburgers etc. but I just don't desire them as much as before.
Also included is the Happiness booklet and 30 log pages focusing on being happy by practicing it.

Buy book at Amazon as print or ebook:  AntiLog Weight Loss/Whole Health Program Book

AntiLog Weight Loss/Whole-Health Program Book   Log with explanations

Also included (along with other pages) are the following Tracking pages: YouBeLand game, AntiLog Pyramid page, and Goal Graph page for weight loss:

YouBeLand Game   AntiLog Pyramid   Graph

Written by Perry Crompton. Published by McKellen-Caffey. Copyright 2020 Perry Crompton. All rights reserved.
Note: Important for the program are the 5 colored wrist bands and burden ball shown and bought below.

2. The second method is through booklets: 2.75 x 4.25 inches.These booklets are a condensed version of the full book and contain log pages to track,
motivate, and achieve your goals. These are 48 pages including 28 log pages, 16 pages of program summary explanation and motivation,
and 5 goal tracking and reference pages: the YouBeLand game, AntiLog Pyramid, Better-Self, Negative Effects, and Goal Graph page for weight loss.
They are sold as kits with the needed 5 colored wrist bands and burden ball. The wrist bands and burden ball can be bought separately for the book.

The first booklet is the Weight Loss/Whole Health Booklet and Log.
Reviewed by Emilie Berry Nutritionist/Dietician RDN, LD, "This booklet provides methods beneficial to some people and I found no detrimental advice."
Weight Loss/Whole Health Booklet.   Log page.   Wrist Bands and Burden Ball.

The second booklet is the Happiness from Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress, and Goals Booklet and Log.
Reviewed and Endorsed by Stephanie Pelayo, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, "The tools presented in this booklet can help turn intentions into habits."

BB Booklet-happiness.   Happiness Log page.

Additional weight loss log pages available via the Log Book: 41 log pages, plus 3 summary pages, plus tracking pages: YouBeLand,Pyramid, Graph, Better-Self, & Negative Effects.
AntiLog Log Book

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Buy Book

AntiLog Weight Loss/Whole Health Booklet & Log, Wrist Bands, Burden Ball $3.40 plus $4.50 shipping (must be sent with package rate) plus tax. Pages: 28 log, 16 summary, 5 tracking:
AntiLog Happiness Booklet and Log from Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress, & Wrist Bands, Burden Ball $3.40 plus $4.50 shipping (must be sent with package rate) plus tax: Pages: 30 log, 14 summary, 5 tracking:
Weight Loss Log Book only: $2.40 plus $1.35 shipping plus tax. Pages: 41 log, 3 summary, 5 tracking: YouBeLand, Pyramid, Graph, Better-Self, & Negative Effects.
AntiLog Wrist Bands and Burden Ball $2.20 plus $4.50 shipping (must be sent with package rate) plus tax:

As with all small objects, the Burden Ball can cause a choking safety hazard. Keep away from children.

buy ebooklets from amazonhapter 1
The booklets may also be purchased as eBooks on Amazon for $2.99 (use your own marble as Burden Ball and your own wrist bands):
Ebook: Weight Loss/Whole Health Booklet
Ebook: Happiness from Depression, Anger, Stress, Anxiety Booklet

Another method to deal with these issues is the Burden Ball (
It is the simplest method to keep focus on your goals, but not as immersive as using a log.

Burden Ball.
The Burden Ball (BB) is a simple tool to add to your toolkit. Two written booklets 2.75 x 4.25 inches,
emphasize using it for Happiness by dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, stress etc.,
or for Weight Loss/Whole Health, but it can be used to overcome any burden or to achieve any GOAL.
The booklets contain great information to overcome difficulties and also explain the use of the Burden Ball to additionally help.

Burden Ball Happiness   Burden Ball Weight Loss

When used to deal with depression, anxiety, anger, or stress it is a technique to soften their effects. It will not cure your
burdens, or replace therapy and medicine if needed, but it is something small that might at least help you get
through the moment or the day--give you a small "umph" of hope and perspective.

When used for weight loss, it's not a diet. It's a whole health facilitator: correct weight per good habits, sleep,
nutrition, hydration, strength, flexibility, and cardio. Correct weight is nature's good-health medicine.
But correct weight may be the hardest because when tempted by excess food, it is too easy to forget you are trying to lose weight
(a donut placed before you has uncanny power to erase memories and will-power :). Lose bad weight to Gain good health.
Eat mainly what your body needs versus wants, and be happy with your resulting body, whatever that is.
The Burden Ball is the simplest way to achieve it. It's a method to discover Why and How you eat.

You are on a great JOURNEY--to reach PEACE, WEIGHT LOSS, or to accomplish any GOAL. But BURDENS are
the gateway to get there. You must embrace them, so you can understand them, so you can pass by them on your
journey. They are a key. It's good to know them. Buddha even said to make them your friends.
Hence it is called a Burden Ball. Accept your mistakes and burdens. Visit them, but not for long. They are not your
journey's end. PEACE is. Say good bye and "MOVE ON," with this as your mantra, to finish your quest. Since the ball
is easily seen or felt, it is very useful to help you remember. It's effective because of its focus on the 5 elements
it comprises: the Hard, the Dark, the Light, the Smooth, and the Shiny explained within the booklets.
Change the five elements to accomplish any goal.

If shy, hold the ball while talking to someone. If angry, hold it when tension is rising.
Feel it reminding you of family's love and therapists' advice. Hold it for strength and self-control or motivation.
Squeeze the ball. When you do, you are transferring your distress into it.
Let it soak up any frustration, anxiety, anger, addiction, boredom, shyness, loneliness, depression etc.
It has special power to support, strengthen, and love you! Ahh! You now have some help. Let the ball take on the burden!
Tell yourself it's true. That's the only way it is. :)

Consider the Burden Ball a gimmick-but it's a good gimmick! Reality, though, is it is psychological,
and psychology is not a gimmick. It's real. Like saying you can do something enough times until you believe it.
I call it Positive Self Convincing (PSC).
Use it to help yourself. Let the ball work for you temporarily,
if even just a moment when in the deepest despair, until you get other help or work on longer therapies.
It's something physical you can hold that reminds. If lonely, hold it for love. It's saying, "It's okay."
For the moment it will cry with you if needed, or pump you with hope.

Burden Ball Kit Description
The Burden Ball Kit includes Burden Ball and Booklet.
The Burden Ball Booklet is 2.75 x 4.25 inches and 16 pages.
The Burden Ball is a .87 inch blue glass marble.
Click links below to buy. $2.30 plus $4.50 shipping plus tax (must be sent with package rate).

As with all small objects, this ball can cause a choking safety hazard. Keep away from children.

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Buy Book

Burden Ball kit for Happiness from Anger, Depression, Stress, Anxiety: booklet, ball
Burden Ball kit for Weight Loss-Whole Health and Goals: booklet, ball

buy ebooklets from amazonhapter 1
The booklets may also be purchased as eBooks on Amazon for $2.99 (use your own marble as a Burden Ball):
Ebook: Burden Ball for Happiness from Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Stress
Ebook: Burden Ball for Weight Loss and Goals

Much of weight loss, health, and wellness derive from PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Perry Crompton is also author of books dealing with this, including
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